College Funding Is Evolving to The Virtual Stage!!

With the changing landscape of doing business in the digital age over the past 19 years, we’ve decided to take the leap and go virtual as of June 1st! Families are busier than ever (and construction work more cumbersome), and over the past 2 years we’ve gradually seen over 90% of the in-office meetings move to Face Time, Skype, the Ring Central app, and phone calls to work within everyone’s hectic household schedules.

Over the past 19 years we’ve seen the preference by busy families to move away from public evening seminars to online webinars and podcasts, the FREE initial consultations moving from in-office meetings to Face Time, Skype, and the Ring Central app, and the Parent/Student Meetings going the same way. As the result, we are generating a broader geographic network of clients that require digital/virtual service due to distance. Since October 2017 we’re only averaging 1.2 in-office meetings per week, so it’s hard to justify renewing another 3 year $30,000 a year office lease for space that is very seldom used.

As of June 1st, Garry and Shelly will be working from their home offices, and we’ve made the necessary upgrades to ensure you can easily reach us, and you’ll only need to know 2 numbers:

Main Phone: 952-997-3366   Main Fax: 952-953-9708

No longer will you need to have 3-4 numbers to reach us; just call the main phone line and you’ll be able to reach us during normal business hours. We’ve changed our mailing address to:

14870 Granada Ave., #289, Apple Valley, MN 55124

This is a private drop box, not an office building for dropping off material. Other than junk mail we only receive 2-6 pieces of mail each week due to the electronic transmission of data in our new digital age.

For our existing clientele that prefer a face-to-face experience, Garry will still meet with you in the Burnsville, Apple Valley area as you’ve been used to. Going forward, our NEW CLIENTS are being offered (2) fee levels of service: Our normal $1,295 fee for all our services on our new digital/virtual platform, and $1,695 if they prefer to have 4 hours of face-to-face time during the planning process in the Twin Cities metro area.

Our level of service will be enhanced as we’re able to more fully serve our families throughout the college preparation and planning process on a more convenient platform. This change simply means it’s easier to reach us and by holding meetings online, it will be easier to accommodate a family’s hectic schedule for meetings, and we can offer more interaction at more convenient times to meet family needs.

We’d also like to make you aware that we are very active on Social Media and hope that you like or follow us on one of the platforms we’re utilizing. We post helpful tips, office announcements and links to important registration information. This will help keep everyone on track and up to date, so we encourage you to like or follow one (or more) of the pages we have:

Facebook: College Funding & Consulting LLC